The Man of Mans, The Green Bean and I have been having a wonderful, relaxed week in Fort Myers, Florida. This sunny family reprieve has done wonders for my spirit – I feel more rested than I have in months! I’ll head back to Ottawa in a couple of days, but in the meantime, here’s a rundown this week’s vacation outfits

I decided weeks ago that the majority of my holiday ensembles would centre around the maxi dress. Maxis, particularly those made of jersey or lightweight cotton, pack well. They transition well from daytime heat to breezy evenings and a simple change of accessories take me from mom-casual to date-night fancy in minutes.

I had a few maxis in my summer wardrobe already. I picked up a few more inexpensive, but versatile versions at Target and Old Navy over the winter. What to wear each day has been a no-brainer, which ties in nicely with the easy-peasy vibe of this holiday.

Dress: Target. Sunglasses: Gift from my mom. Earrings: Forever 21. Bracelet: Flea Market. Sandals: Aerosoles.

Dress: Old Navy. Scarf: Thrifted.

Dress: Bracelet: Thrifted.

Dress: Calypso St. Barth for Target. Earrings: Forever 21.

Dress: Target. Scarf: Forever 21. Bracelet: Thrifted

I also brought couple a pair of shorts and t-shirts in case of bike rides or other activities where dresses could lead to inadvertant flashes of beaver.

Shorts and shirt: Old Navy. Earrings: Forever 21. The Green Bean: Divine Intervention.

And rouding out the vacation wardrobe was of course the bathing suit. I’m totally digging the fact that ’round these parts, swimwear is considered acceptable street attire. Strolling the streets in shorts and a bikini top brings back memories of laid back childhood summers spent slurping popsicles and roaming the streets with my friends. Of course back then I wore, I dorky red-tinted visor instead of a dorky, old lady hat.

Bikini: Aqua Swimwear. Dorky Hat: Joe Fresh.

Yesterday evening we had dinner at the delightfully kitschy Joe’s Crab Shack. Check out this souvernir t-shirt I picked up!

Got crabs?


  1. seenonflickr says:

    Nice!! And the big dorky hat is a Florida necessity! :)

  2. Dawn says:

    Wow….wow…WOW!!! You look gorgeous in everthing and even more important, happy and relaxed. Swe-ee-et!

    • nadinethornhill says:

      Thanks, Mom! It has been a very chill, fun-filled week. Though next time, I must get better insect repellent. The bugs down here think my skin is an all you can eat buffet. :-)

  3. Chelsea S. says:

    I so desperately want all the things! Beautiful!

    • nadinethornhill says:

      Thanks, Chelsea! Now that summer is only a few weeks away, there are lots of maxi style dresses and swim suit options in stores now!

  4. Lovely.

    I heart maxi dresses! They’re so comfy and so pretty at the same time

  5. Lisa L says:

    You look great!! I’m glad you are making good use of your shopping spree finds from down here!! Glad you are having a relaxing vacay!!!

  6. Wayne C. says:

    Looks like a fun time! :)

  7. Maxi dresses are indeed breezy and comfortable. You do look very relaxed and easy in yours. Alas, not for me, unless shorter-than-I-am-and-pregnant is the look I am going for. But that’s okay, I can rock my curves in sarong wraps! Love the crab T-shirt.