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Sex is fun! I love that statement and the same-named website – an online cornucopia of hot, sizzling sex education served with a heaping side of humour and garnished with comic-book style graphics.

The clever minds behind this delightfully sex-positive resource have information available in several media. There are hundreds of podcasts, wherein the SIF gang get into a host of issues from anal lube to advice about orgies to sexy tarot card readings. You can also browse the education section to bone-up (hee!) on topics like advanced masturbation and home penis remedies.

There’s also sweet merch available – including Sex is Fun: The Book and a host of tongue in cheek (hee!) games.

The Sex is Fun crew are also a blast. They include the recenty departed (to other things, not another realm) Kidder Kaper, Gay Rick, Coochie, Lorax and the absolutely fabulous, Laura Rad.

Laura is also one third of Team Strong, Sexy and Stylish. She introduced herself via e-mail earlier this year and much squeeing ensued! We have many, many things in common. We both have theatre degrees. We’re both frequent Fringe festival participants. We both got our start as educators working in sex-positive, female-friendly sex stores. Not only is Ms. Rad most rad, she’s also my Minneapolis doppleganger.

The fact that I have a bit of a crush on her is just straight up narcissism, yo!

So the next time you’re at the computer, ready to go ‘a web surfing, take a few minutes to explore Sex…Is Fun!

(HEE!) :-)



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