This week I feel sexy in…

Earring: Forever 21. T-shirt: Old Navy. Skirt: Land's End. Shoes: Payless

T-shirts and skirts!

I’m ambivalent about the record high temperatures we’ve had in Ottawa this week.  On the one hand, Sun! Warmth! Outdoor activity! But on the other hand, it’s MARCH! It’s not quite right but it feels SO good.

At any rate, I managed to resist the impulse to unpack all of my warm weather clothes. As much as I’d enjoy a two-month head start on summer, I can’t believe these temperatures are going to last.  But I did release my limbs from the confines of long sleeves and tights by struting my stuff in comfy tees and kicky skirts.

You may reconize this skirt as the partner to my beloved Banana Republic coat. Like it’s counterpart, I also found this skirt on eBay.  Who knows what other treasures from this collection I’ll unearth: yellow houndstooth blouse; yellow houndstooth socks; yellow houndstooth underpants?

Shirt: Threadless Tees. Skirt: Banana Republic (via eBay). Shoes: Seychelles.

I bought this denim suit three years ago and promptly broke up the set. I’ve paired both the jacket and the skirt with many items in my wardrobe, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever worn them together.  It doesn’t feature prominently in this photo, but there is a kicky white t-shirt adorned with sequins under the jacket…which I shed early in the day…because HOLY BALLS, the HEAT!

Earrings: Ambiance. Denim Blazer and Skirt: RW & Co. T-shirt: Old Navy. Shoes: T.U.K.

I’m a clumsy gal to be sure, but at least I can stand still and get my picture taken without tripping over my own feet.

Or, you know…not.


  1. emiline says:

    The shoes with the peacock feather on the toe! So cute! I need to look into this T.U.K. company.

    And that denim suit is really cute paired together. I’m sure you look equally awesome with the pieces seperate, too.

  2. nadinethornhill says:

    I got mine from ModCloth, but you can also order them directly from T.U.K’s website:

  3. Love the denim suit!

  4. Rachel says:

    If the yellow houndstooth underwear ever do occur, please let us know.:)

  5. I❤2Eat says:

    You look gorgeous in all the pictures! And yes, that Ottawa weather last week was wonderful…I think I smiled through the days simply because of the sunshine. :) Very happy to have come across your blog, Nadine.

    • nadinethornhill says:

      Thanks for stopping by the Adorkable realm. Last week’s summer preview was a brilliant respite from winter. Of course now that it’s passed, I’m even more eager for warmer months. Just have to remind myself that sooner or later summer will come for good!

      p.s. I love to eat too! :-)