I’ve spent the past few days hanging with my favourite Torontonian-Turned-Jersey-Girl, Lisa. It’s been a wonderful  drinking wine, playing with her babies and making the most of cross-border shopping opportunities and this brief change of pace has given my batteries a much need recharge.  Today I head home and I’m eager to get back to the hectic pace of work, love and life in Ottawa.


Prior to this trip, I hadn’t seen Lisa (or her partner, who is also an old friend) in many years. Reconnecting has been great, but it’s also made me realize how much I’ve missed them. Saying good-bye is definitely bumming me out. As I make the long drive home, I hope it won’t be nearly as long until I see them again.


BTW lingerie lovers, Lisa happened upon this site yesterday: Bare Necessities. It’s an online bra and lingerie store with what seem to be reasonable prices and a healthy stock of hard to find sizes.  While browsing the site, we observed that when it comes to intimate apparel, people seem to fall into two categories: those who get turned on by garters and lace and those who love things au naturel. Methinks this call for further research. Time for a SexyPoll!

Which do you find sexier?

  1. Lingerie.
  2. Nudity.
  3. Something else entirely.

The comment section is open, so cast your vote!


  1. Vick Ko says:

    1. Lingerie, definitely.

  2. nick2401 says:

    Depends on my mood. I am sometimes a Lingerie person other times lets just skip that and get down to business.

  3. rpriske says:

    #1. It is nice to see that some thought went into it. :)

    There is certainly nothing wrong with #2, though. :)

    Or #3 for that matter…

  4. Milan says:


  5. Garner says:

    1. Yes, but I’m particular. I prefer smooth silky stuff (Marion Ravenwood at the end of Raiders) to the lacy gartery stuff.

    2. Yes. (resists temptation to add more YES’s to make orgasm joke).

    3. Yes. The oversized men’s shirt – and nothing else. It’s a classic.

  6. Lisa L says:

    I’m soooo obsessed with that website!!!

    It was so great seeing you!!

    And definitely number 1 :-)