If you’ve got plans for some marathon lovin’ in the near future, I suggest you fuel like a champion and eat your Wheaties! We all know that sex is a heart-thumping activity, but it’s quite the calorie burn as well.

Kissing burns an average of 68 calories per hour. If you want to feel the burn in those wrist and jaw muscles, giving hand job and oral sex both burn off around 100 calories per hour. Spirited masturbation can burn upwards of 200 calories an hour. Intercourse is more rigorous with an average calorie burn near 300 per hour. But gold standard of sexercise are makeouts, which burns an impressive 476 calories per hour.

In YOUR face, Stairmaster!


  1. Milan says:

    “Spirited masturbation”

    I wish I could have seen this being measured – a guy in a labcoat saying to the experimental subject: “I said *spirited* masturbation! Spirited!”