This week I was given an opportunity to do one of my favourite things on the radio: talk about porn.  My pal, Julie invited me to be part of discussion about ethical porn consumption on The Third Wave, CHUO’s weekly fem-tastic broadcast.

During the show Julie, Bri (an super-sharp academic and erotic author) and I talked about the challenges of being a porn-loving feminist. Specifically how does a feminist find smut that arouses the libido without contramanding their principals?  For me it’s a tricky balance; one that I’m not always successful at maintaining. But over the years I’ve discovered a few people in the adult entertainment industry that work from a place of sex-positivity, equality and respect. Case in point: Violet Blue.

Violet Blue is a world reknowned sex educator, a sex columnist and all around force of nature.  She’s also the author of The Ultimate Guide To Adult Videos: How To Watch Adult Videos And Make Your Sex Life Sizzle.

The Ultimate Guide combines thoughtful analysis of adult film consumption with a long list of porn titles, organized by genre and then title. Blue reviews the characteristics of various porn styles: Classic, Gonzo, Wall-To-Wall, S/M, Educational and more. She explains nuances, like the distinction between “girl-on-girl” versus authentic lesbian porn.

One of my favourite features of the book is Violet Blue’s porn legend. In order to help the reader enjoy or avoid certain porn phenomenon, each title listining includes a series of small graphics which indicate, among other things: Intense Chemistry, Natural Cast, Real Female Orgasm or Unsightly Boob Job.

And if that weren’t enough, girlfriend has taken it upon herself to throw a little sexual health into the mix. It’s not uncommon for porn-loving folks to copy the hot and heavy action on their screen. That’s why The Ultimate Guide includes The Porn Safer Sex Chart, where you can check the risk factors associated with adult film’s more commonly depicted acts.

Like I said, Violet Blue = Force of Nature.

If you’re a feminist who likes the idea of triple-x entertainment, but you’re not sure how to get your porn on, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Violet Blue’s The Ultimate Guide To Adult Videos.

And if you’d like to check out our discussion about ethical porn consumption, you can listen to it here.


  1. “Unsightly boob job” ratings seem kind of upsettingly body-shaming. Seems so good, otherwise.

    • nadinethornhill says:

      True dat. Judging sightly-ness of boob jobs is not nice. I have to confess I’ve been guilty of that myself.