This week I feel sexy in…

Hoodie: Old Navy. T-shirt: Aritzia (thrifted). Skirt: Land's End. Tights: Roots. Shoes: Aldo (thirfted). Initial pendant (gifted from Stephanie).


When it comes to pattern, I’m a big fan of geometrics in general and I have had a long, enduring attraction to stripes in particular.

I have what some would describe as a “feminine” style. I wear a lot of dresses, skirts and body conscious silhouettes. Very occasionally I’ll go for hardcore hardcore girlish and opt for florals, but more often I like a crisp, cleans stripe to inject some balance and keep my looks out of twee territory.

Plus, all sorts of sexy people wear stripes: Yatching tycoons! Candy stripers! Field hockey goalies!

Jacket: RW & Co. T-shirt: Threadless. Skirt: Sandra Angelozzi (thirfted). Shoes: John Fluevog.

If I’m wearing stripes on my bottom half, I often (but don’t always) opt for pieces with narrow, vertical lines, like the pinstripes on this skirt. I’m slender with an hourglass shape. Large and/or horizontal stripes on the bottom maginfy my hips and my butt, which already the widest part of my body.

Like I said. I don’t *always* go for the skinny-mini stripes. Sometimes girl wants to show off that badonkadonk!  Am I right?

Sweater and jeans: Old Navy. Boots: Miz Mooz. Hat: Clearance bin at Edleweiss Ski Resort.

Once I had a wardrobe consultation with Jes Lacasse. When she saw the number of lined garments in my closet, she suggested I take a break from buying stripes for awhile.

I tried. But a few weeks later I saw the sweater picture above. I thought, ‘It’s okay. I can handle. After all, it’s just a striped heart…that doesn’t even really count.’ But I was in denial. The sweater was a gateway stripe. I have purchased many, many, MANY striped items since. I’m unlikely to stop anytime soon. Sorry, Jes.

Now that the sun is out later than 3 p.m. We’re back to the outdoor shots. The light in our house really isn’t awesome for iPhotos, so I’m happy to have some clearer pictures. I’ll be happier still when spring arrives with some warmer temperatures!

Baby, it's COLD outside!


  1. emiline says:

    Yay, stripes!

    And I’m totally crushing on your shoes. (Those Fluevogs may have to be the next ones I get…)

  2. Dominique says:

    how do you get your hands on miz mooz boots??? I’ve discovered their website but they don’t deliver to Canada… is there a store in Canada? or another way to get them here without paying astronomical shipping fees??? I’m planning a road trip to the states just for miz mooz shoes!!!