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Due to recent family developments, I’m in the midst of  full-scale sentimental-parent overload.

The Green Bean has a CRUSH!

Last week, the little girl in “the other” kindergarten class captured my son’s attention and affections. According to The Green Bean she is “SO cute. And the BEST jumper ever!” Apparently she is also ensconsed a strict social circle that only includes other girls. Poor Bean was daunted by the prospect of penetrating the mini-klatch and declaring his feelings, so he asked The Man of Mans and I for advice.

“I likes her a REALLY lot, Mummy!” NAAAAWWWWW! I am dying of cute y’all!

So The Man of Mans and I have been dolling out the love tips. We’re trying to keep it five-year-old simple, but the more we discuss it, the more I realize the lessons apply regardless of age:

1. If you like someone, find them and tell them, “Excuse me. I like you very much.”

2. If you’re too shy to tell them face-to-face, find another way. With a poem, in a letter or maybe a Transformers card with extra-specical stickers!

3. Always use good manners with a crush. For example, if they are about to go down the slide offer to clean the sand off for them first.

4. Don’t be afraid to let your feelings show. Smile at your crush. Say “hello”. Climb the monkey together. Invite them for a playdate.

5. Tell your crush why you like them. Let them know they are the smartest person you’ve met, your favourite person to talk to, the BEST jumper ever!

Armed with this advice, The Bean went to school today, jack up on that old lovestruck combo of exhiliration and fear, as he prepared for his first forray into love. But he was brave, our Bean. He confessed his true feelings to his little love, who accepted his proposition to hold hands in the yard tomorrow. Which brings us the final lesson:

6. Hold hands. It’s the nicest.

Once upon a time, I had a crush on a boy at my school. My subtle attempts at flirting and admittedly ridiculous “moves ” did not get the job done. So I  gathered my courage, called my crush and told him, “I like you very much.”  That was sixteen years ago today and I’m very, very glad I did.

I think The Man of Mans is too. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


  1. Natalie Joy says:

    I seriously need to print this up and put it somewhere safe for when DD4 starts asking for advice about the cute boy/girl in her class. I love this!

    • Nadine says:

      I wasn’t expecting to be dealing with love this early in the parenting game but it’s been such a sweet experience. I’m also struck by how sincere The Bean’s feelings are. Obviously, it’s unlikely that a love forged in kindergarten will stand the test of time. But this girl is special and beautiful in his eyes and right now he truly adores her.

  2. sinnick says:

    Cutest. Story. Ever.

    I can’t wait until my boys are at that age.

    • Nadine says:

      There’s another new couple in The Bean’s class – two little girls. :-) Words can barely describe how utterly adorable it is to see little people taking their steps into the world of romance.

      • Sarah M says:

        My daughter has wanted to marry girls in both her JK and SK classes. :-) So adorable. I suppose I should more clearly explain to her that you don’t have to marry the people you love in order to enjoy their company and friendship.

  3. Lisa says:

    So freakin’ adorable!!!!!!!! Love it!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Nat says:

    I think I died of cute reading that!

    (PS: I like you very much, in a creative crush kind of way.)