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Pictured above is the Fauteuil D’Amour. This special chair was reportedly built for use by King Edward VII at Le Chabanais, a fancy pants brothel in Paris. The chair allowed Eddy VII to enjoy comfortable sex with two women at once.

Thanks to Charlene, who brought the chair to my attention via Twitter. We had fun speculating about what position each member of the royal threesome would have taken on the Fauteuil. I have my theory. Any of you care to venture a guess? :-)


  1. Lynn says:

    I…have NO idea. That thing does not look comfortable for ANY positions.

    • nadinethornhill says:

      I thought he gold things on the bottom are for your feet and the arms might be handles, which could provide some comfort and support if a person was standing while thrusting.

  2. Greg says:


    One woman on her back in the upper padded part, feet in the brass section (probably with footwear still on) and legs spread apart. Other woman on her knees in the below part, with legs close together so that her feet are between the lower brass thingies. King alternates between kneeling on the padded part in front of the lower brass thingies and standing ON the lower brass thingies.

    The aristocrats!

    • Greg says:

      Amendement: the woman in the upper part is in ‘stirrups’ (thanks Nadine!)… not sure if I made that clear. The handles are there because she probably can’t just “lie back”, but is more likely to only have the lower part of her back resting on the padding while the rest of her curves upwards…and/or the handles help the woman with mobility and/or to at least keep herself in a position of access.

    • nadinethornhill says:

      Good theory! Mine was slightly different, but I like yours too.