Josephine Baker is known as a singer, dancer and one of  history’s most celebrated burlesque performers.  But “The Bronze Venus” was also a committed social and political activist. During the Second World War, Baker used her unique position as an international performer to collect intelligence to help the French War effort.

She was also a champion of racial equality and the American Civil Rights Movement and  the only woman who spoke with Martin Luther King Jr at the 1963 March on Washington.

Now you know!


  1. Rick Kaulbars says:

    I had a real “thing” for Josephine Baker. And by “thing” I mean “lurid sexual obsession.”

  2. nadinethornhill says:

    She fascinates me! Everything about her is extraordinary, from her social activism to her legendary talent to her exquisite beauty.

    • Rick Kaulbars says:

      My grandmother, on my father’s side, came out of the closet after her husband died (which is why she was rarely mentioned at home) and blew the rest of the family’s money hiring coaches to take her to cabaret stage doors in pre-WWII Berlin. I really wished she had lived to tell me about her escapades. I think Josephine Baker and her Cheetah “Chiquita” would have been on grandma’s hit list.