This week I feel sexy in…

Hoodie: Cathy Peng. Leggings: Old Navy. Boots: Dr. Scholls. T-shirt (peeking through at the bottom): Threadless T-Shirts


I gots to level with you, peeps. This week it’s been a challenge for me to feel sexy in anything as the January freeze has me shaking in my boots, so much so that I opted for indoor photos this week.  I’m the kind of gal who needs to be warm, in order to get hot, so my trusty hoodies have been just the ticket.

Hoodie: Lululemon. Hat: San Diego Hat Co. T-shirt: Threadless Tees. Skirt: Land's End. Tights: Foot Traffic. Shoes: John Fluevog

Not only do hoodies keep my body temperature at a balmy 37 degrees celcius, their casual style is reminiscent of laid-back Sunday mornings at the Farmer’s Market, followed by languid Sunday afternoons getting laid.

Hoodie and Jeans: Old Navy. Hat: Frangi. Boots: Miz Mooz

Mmm…the seductive allure of fleece!

There's a kitty on my bosom!

This hoodie is one of my many Cathy Peng tops. Cathy is a Toronto-based designer, illustrator and portrait artist with a gift for creating cat-themed paraphenalia that is rad, not sad. I use her first name, not because we are friends, but because I wish that we were.


  1. Oh I’ll be looking Cathy up when I get back to Toronto….

    …..SEE! Sounds like we’re friends!! ;o)