Thank you, wonderful readers, for all the post requests and suggestions so far! You’ve given me some fabulous topics to tackle, so let’s dive right in.

An anonymous reader wrote: “I’d like to see a post on the “We Vibe” sex toy. What do you think of it? Have you tried it? Know of anyone who has? You could do a post about couples toys in general.”

Yes, I could, Anonymous. And I will!

I’m fond of saying (perhaps ad nauseum) that every body is a bit different. Because of that, I’m a bit hesitant to recommend sex toys based on my own experience.  A particular product may set my loins aflame but not yours or vice versa.  That having been said, if you and your playmate are planning a shopping trip, there are some helpful criteria to keep in mind.

  • Budget: How much do you want to spend? Sex toys range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. While the bells and whistles of expensive playthings can provide a novel thrill, you don’t have to empty your wallet to get a great toy.
  • Comfort: Comfort is sexy. It may be the best reviewed product on the market, but if a toy requires that you bend, squat, reach, fold, lie, sit or stand or do anything that’s not comfortable for you and/or your partner, it’s probably not for you.
  • Speed: This applies to products with motors. Vibrating toys come in a variety of speeds and intensities. Some toys only have one or two frequencies. If you’re experienced enough with vibes to know what kind of sensation will get you going, a single-speed toy is fine. Otherwise, a vibe that offers a range of frequencies may be a better option.

There are literally hundreds of sex toys for couples available on the market today. In the interests of brevity and avoiding carpal tunel syndrome,  here’s an overview of four, fun, couple-friendly toys:


A perennial favourite amongst couples who like a little buzz with their intercourse!

Why people like it: Unlike most conventional vibrators, the we-vibe is designed to be inserted into the body during penetration. It’s made of high grade silicone, which makes it super-sanitary. It also offers multiple speeds, a rechargable battery and a quiet, discreet motor.

Bear in mind: If you and your partner don’t have penetrative sex, the novelty of this toy does not apply.

The We-Vibe made its debut when I was working at Venus Envy and we could not keep them on the shelves! Three years later, it’s become an international sensation, with a second and now third generation in production. And here’s a fun fact: The We Vibe was developed right here in Ottawa. What up, hometown hotties!

Mini Pearl

An affordable entry-level vibe that give you a lot of…erm…bang for your buck.

Why people like it: Egg-shaped bullets are smaller than phallic shaped vibes. Not only does that make them less intimidating for some people, it’s easier to pinpoint specific areas like the clit, frenulum and perinium. They’re generally less expensive, between $15-$30 dollars and models like the Mini Pearl include a variable speed control pack which is great if one of you is a remote warrior.

Bear in mind: If you’re going to insert a bullet into your body, consider covering it with a condom, otherwise fluid may get into the small opening where the wires are attached and short our your motor. Better yet, if you have the funds spring for a waterproof version. They have special platic covers around the cord.

Vibrating cock rings

A combination that gives both of you good vibrations!

Why people like it: Like the We-Wibe, vibrating cock rings offer the option of vibration during penetration. The bullet gives the receiving partner some oh so pleasant sensations against their clit, anus or balls. But that’s not all! Because the bullet is integrated with the cock-ring, the penis experiences from the vibrations as well. I know people putting the ring around their hands to give their partner the ultimate sensual massage!  Vibrating rings are pretty affordable with disposable versions starting under $9.

Bear in mind: If you’ve never worn a cock ring, try it on while the penis is flaccid. A ring that is already tight when you’re soft, may be uncomfortable when you’re hard.

Harness/Dildo sets

Harnesses give you the option of penetrative play that can go either way.

Why people like it: A harness is worn around the pelvis and contains an opening for a dildo or strap-on. They are often (but not exclusively) worn by people without penises, allowing them to peg the one they love, like and/or lust for and for that person to experience penetration or even dole out a hand job or give fellatio. Of course you don’t have to wear a harness for the purposes of fucking. Some people wear harnesses and dils to support their gender identity or because they just look cool!

Bear in mind: Harnesses come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles. You want something that works with your lifestyle and your body, so try before you buy. And while most stores won’t let you “try” a dildo (stay out of the ones that do!), do consider aesthetic taste and physical comfort when the selecting size, style and material of your new member.

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  1. Greg says:

    We-Vibe was developed in Ottawa? Cool. I only heard of it within the last few months. You can’t deny that it’s a concept with broad appeal.

    • nadinethornhill says:

      It really is a cool little vibe that’s become a huge hit around the world. So much for Ottawa being your typical, conservative government town!

  2. Nat says:

    Broad appeal??? Too funny.

    A former Nortel employee designed it. (He knows a friend of mine, I tried to get her to ask him if I could be on his product testing team. She considered it, but I haven’t heard anything.) Oh well… nothing ventured eh?

  3. shelley says:

    About the We-Vibe – it’s great worn under a harness! It’s also an excellent solo toy, especially if you turn it around to have the slightly bigger end inside. And now there’s a remote version that’s more powerful and completely waterproof – the We-Vibe 3!
    Great column Ned, thanks!