Happy New Year!

I promised to kick off 2012 with a special announcement. Here it is:

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be doing it five days a week!

My new year’s intention (my wise BFF, Stephanie says “resolution” just sets you up for failure), is to post here every Monday through Friday. I may tinker with my format as life and reader response dictates, but for now Adorakable Undies’ new schedule will be as follows:

Mondays: A hot shot of sexy trivia with the Quickies feature.

Tuesdays: A regularly scheduled post.

Wednesdays: My Favourite Things feature. Kind of like Oprah, but with an NC-17 rating. And less free stuff.

Thursdays: Back to our regularly scheduled post

Fridays: I obsess about fashion as much as I obsess about sex. I don’t have time to maintain a second, style-related blog, so instead I will end the week with Fashion Fridays – a feature about the sex appeal of various clothes, shoes and accessories.

Also new in 2012, is the “Requests” page. I’m staring down the barrel of more than 250 blog posts this year. If you’ve got a topic you want me to cover, I definitely want to know about it!

It’s a new year, y’all. Let’s take this to the Serengeti!




  1. rpriske says:


  2. amazing!! can’t wait to tune in :)

    happy new year! xo

  3. Wayne C. says:

    Impressive goal! Good luck :)

  4. Jes Lacasse says:

    Sexy fashion Fridays? HELL YES.

    • nadinethornhill says:

      Perhaps you’d like to guest post some week (hint, hint)?

      BTW, congratulations on your new blog – I love the look!