Don't call it "Chrismukkah". A message from Angry Holiday Cats.

Christmas is barreling towards us, with the end days of 2011 hot on it’s heels.  With that in mind, this post isn’t so much about the sexiness – unless you’re turned on by sentimental musings and personal retrospective – in which case, prrrrow! I am about to float your boat.

This blog is one of a few things I sought to change this year. I began the year driven, determined to push hard and build a better Nadine. I was determined to set my little world on fire and instead I burned myself out.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is supplementary health insurance that offers partial coverage for psychological care.  That policy got me a shrink! And Shrink has helped me delve into some shit.  Some of it’s icky and quite painful, but as my man Sterling says, feeling pain is the first step towards releasing pain.

Shrink is also teaching me the value of rest and of retreat. I love my busy life. I want to have my fingers in as many cookies jars as possible all the time. But I’m also a human being who’s body needs to sleep and who’s mind needs to unwind.  I’m a woman with a beautiful child and a wonderful partner, both of whom deserve to have my full love and attention sometimes.

Finally, I am gal who loves me some Christmas. I especially love this Christmas. My Green Bean is old enough now to fully embrace the excitement of the season. The Man of Mans and I are creating new holiday traditions, free from the past.  The entourage and I will be crooning yuletide style at karaoke this week!

So the blog and I will be taking a little holiday until the new year.  I’ll be back here on January 1st, 2012 with a fresh helping of smut…and an exciting announcement!*

Wow, that WAS  some sappy, self-indulgent blogging!  You deserve a present.  Here – have these sexy photos of Betty White:

They sure do grow 'em nice in St. Olaf!

Now that's what I call a Golden Girl!

Best. Christmas Card. EVER!

Merry Christmas to those of you for whom it applies and my deepest thanks to all of you for reading. I wish you all the very best and until next year…keep your pants off!

*No I am not pregnant.  Yes, I am a married woman of childbearing age. Still not pregnant.


  1. Lisa says:

    Merry Christmas. Happy Hannukah. I can’t spell. Lol.
    I love this time of year too. And like yours, Little Man is all over Xmas this year!!!

  2. Nat says:

    Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year to you as well.

  3. Lynn says:

    Oh my lands! Is that really Betty White? She posed for nudie shots? She really may just be the most awesome woman EVER. Constantly surprising, afraid of nothing!

    Have a great holiday!