Curiouser and Curiouser!

One of the things I like best about pornography is how reliably it will jump start my libido.

This past week, I’ve felt the familiar spectre of depression looming, making me tired, irritable and insular. It’s also wreaking havoc on my sex drive. My spirit has been willing but my body has been too busy jonesing for serotonin to get my arousal cycle churning.

Porn to the rescue!

Ottawa’s Invisible Cinema, is a great place to unearth all sorts of X-rated gems, like the golden-age era flick Alice In Wonderland –  a musical retelling of Lewis Caroll’s classic tale with more choreography and fewer clothes.

Alice In Wonderland is a porn musical. Beyond some blood flow to the lower regions, and a temporary mood lift, I was not expecting a lot from this movie.  But Alice turned out to be a pleasant surprise, in more ways than one.

Good Acting

Acting chops aren’t necessarily a priority when hiring a porn star. And while Alice In Wonderland does showcase one or two predictably wooden performances (pun intended), most of the principal actors are good. Notably strong is Larry Gelman, in multiple roles. Kristin DeBell portrayal of Alice was strong enough to garner the following praise from the grand poobah of movie critics, Roger Ebert:

I think she has a future in the movies, and not just X movies, either; there’s an openness to her expression, a directness to her acting, that’s genuinely appealing.

Toe Tappin’ Music

Adult Alice In Wonderland has some seriously catchy tunes, yo! A day later, some of the riffs are still stuck in my head and I’m a teeny bit bummed that I can’t download the soundtrack on iTunes.  And as much as I appreciate the songs, I also appreciate that makers of the movie never lose sight of the fact that this porn. Ultimately, people are watching for the sexiness.  None of the songs go on for too long or interrupt the action.

A Little Sex Positivity

Like most porn, it would be more accurate to describe the tone of this film as pro-sex. But there is some sex-positive messaging. There’s actually some interesting stuff in the script that directly challenges ideas about sex and sexuality being dirty, especially for women.  And while I did balk a little at the end when (spoiler alert) Alice marries and lives happily everI think the ultimate message – that women aren’t undesirable or “ruined” if they choose to have pre-marital sex – is kind of cool.

Gay Men In Straight Porn

They were gay men! In straight porn! Granted it was far from an epic appearance. We don’t get to see the men do anything but stroll off arm-in-arm. But in all the years I’ve been watching adult films, this is the first time I’ve seen any evidence of male homosexuality in mainstream, hetero-oriented porn.

Adult Alice in Wonderland was a wonderful treat for my all of my sullen senses. I enjoyed it immensly. I’m sure a copy will make its way into my permanent collection sooner rather than later as it proved to be perfect pick-me-up for a gal who’s feeling blue.


  1. allison says:

    Musical porn? Intriiiiiguing…..

  2. Hmm, a review of a porn that actually peaked my interest in the movie. Plus, a musical porn. Neato!


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