Le Geek - c'est chic!

This is a fast favourite. I caught wind of the Nerd Girl Pinups earlier this week on Twitter. The name alone was so intriguing, I immediately had to find out more.  My sources  and a Google search revealed this super-cool website.

There’s no mystery. Nerd Girl Pinups are exactly what it claims to be – a collection of photos featuring geek goddess getting their sexy on.  Over the past few days, I’ve spend a little more time than might be considered reasonable checking out pictures, profiles and features.  In fact, this month’s feature is none other Ottawa’s burlesque superstar, Miss Helvetica Bold!

And head’s up, Fringe fans! I *may* have seen spotted a spicy Mikaela Dyke photo spread as well.

If you are warm for the form of female Trekkies, Mathies, Scrabble champs and science nerds, this is the place for you! So log off Penny Arcade and URL over to Nerd Pinup Girls. You’ll be happy you did!




  1. jessicaruano says:

    That’s the card I was telling you about!!