Xie xie, Natalie Joy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Natalie Joy for her kind donation to The AIDS Walk For Life.  To find out how you can make a contribution and receive your own Sexy Shout Out, click here.


An overview of Natalie Joy’s sexy qualities seems almost redundant, as her foxy charms are instantly evident to anyone in her presence. Natalie Joy has always stood out as a leader in her community, as an artist, as a mother and as smokin’ hot dream woman! One need look no further than Natalie Joy’s exquisite face to find inspiration for poems and epic love ballads.  And one need look no further than her sassy, petite figure to find inspiration for naughty fun, that may or may not involve a dessert topping.

If you want a woman who can do it all and then some — Natalie Joy, puts the “pro” in “provocative”.


Nadine Thornhill


  1. jessicaruano says:

    Nadine, you should write these for a living. Seriously.