Danke, Jessica

Hugs and kisses to Jessica for her generous donation to The AIDS Walk For Life.  To find out how you can make a contribution and receive your own Sexy Shout Out, click here.


Be it through her poetry, her photography or in person, Jessica Ruano exudes a rare, but authentic sexual allure, making her a highly desirable candidate for highly desirable exploits. I have worked closely with Jessica in a titillating capacity, entrusting her with the anthropomorfication of my clitoris at several spoken word events.  Jessica not only met, she exceeded my expectations.  With her classic hour-glass figure, porcelain skin and rich mahogany hair, Jessica is a physical beauty; however, it is her saucy trailblazing spirit and voluptuous intellect that make her an erotic force of nature.


Nadine Thornhill


  1. jessicaruano says:

    May I use this as my bio from now on…?

  2. nadinethornhill says:

    I insist! :-)