As I’ve mentioned before, this girl watches porn. Over the years, I’ve seen my fair share of dirty movies and my most favourite ever is the seminal 70s classic Debbie Does Dallas.

The plot is simple.  A group of high school cheerleaders decide they will all travel to Texas to support their captain Debbie in a bid to join a professional sqaud. The young women form a company wherein they provide sexual and non-sexual service for members of the community.

If I were to do a  critique of Debbie through my sex-educator/feminist lens, I’d tell you this movie is far from perfect.  But at my core is a cheeseball soul that apparently rules my libido. Debbie Does Dallas  raunchy-kitch charms and arouses me every time.  This film established some of my best loved porn-tropes. Wah pedal guitar riffs. Locker room scenes.  And delightfully contrived dialogue along the lines of:

FOOTBALL PLAYER ONE: The girls think they can boost her morale if they go with her.

FOOTBALL PLAYER TWO: Hey, man. It is not her morale I’m interested in boosting.

Debbie Does Dallas is from an era that pre-dates plastic surgery and brazilian waxes. While the actors in the film are still primarily young (between 18 and 40), their bodies all look different from one another.  The women are sexually co-operative, rather than competitive, they eagerly engage in consensual sex work  and very much enjoy the sex they’re having.  All these sex-positive elements make me exceedingly happy and what thrills me even more?  There’s not a hint of self-conscious social commentary in any of these choices.  It’s just a frothy, filthy product of it’s time.

As I said, there are things to criticize about the film.  I can easily overlook the following weaknesses, but you may not like:

  • Few safer sex practices (This film predates the AIDS epidemic, so no one uses latex).
  • An all-white cast.
  • Three facials (including one where the actor gets semen in her eye.)
  • A breif subplot involving a creepy record store clerk.
  • Heteronormative
  • A lot of fellatio, less cunninglus/clitoral stimulation.
  • Some infidelity
  • Scenes where consent is implied, rather than given explicitly.

It’s by no means a flawless beacon of adult filmmaking. But it’s silly,  it’s sexy it makes me smile, it never fails to turn me on and for that Debbie Does Dallas is one of my favourite things.


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