Merci, Wayne!

Many thanks to Wayne  for his generous donation to The AIDS Walk For Life.  To find out how you can make a contribution and receive your own Sexy Shout Out, click here.


Over the past two years, Wayne has become one of my dearest friends. I can say, with confidence, that he is quite the fox. He has a great smile, kind eyes and thick soft hair, suitable for stroking. In addition he has solid man-arms which, taken in combination with his substantial intelligence, is quite the turn-on. Wayne knows his way around the dance floor. Having seen him shake his money-maker to great effect on several occasions, I can only assume he will be more than proficient at money-making shaking in whatever other situations demand it. Most recently, I oversaw his successful purchase of new jeans that show off his cute butt.

I feel strongly that Wayne is a well-qualified pillar of manliness. He will surely be a smokin’ hot asset to any date, fling or erotic fantasy.

Nadine Thornhill