Normal Not Normal

Content Warning: This post has some description of agressive, threating behaviour. Also it's very personal and it got pretty long. If you decide to skip it, I totally understand. Oh, peeps, I feel like I owe you many apologies. First because it’s been so long since I’ve made time to blog here. Second because my last post was kind of moody in tone. Third because this one’s about rough times too. Before I delve into what’s bugging me, I have to tell you that generally speaking life … [Read More...]

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Sex and Mental Illness or (Broke, But I Can’t Fix It).

Trigger Warning: This post is about mental illness and sexuality. Please exercise self-care. Today is the day that Bell encourages Canadians to talk about mental health. I sat down in front of my trusty laptop feeling calm and clear-headed, eager to write a pithy post about my ongoing struggles with sex and mental illness. Ironically, the challenge of trying create a light-hearted entry has set my heart pounding and brought me to the verge of tears. Seriously, brain? You can’’t even … [Read More...]

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Decisions, Decisions….

Where do I go from here? It's a question I've been asking myself for the past several weeks, as I try to figure out exactly what I want to be doing over here in the Adorkable Realm. I've ventured beyond the boundaries of this space in terms of blogging. I've got a regular feature over at the Yummy Mummy Club, where I write about vibrators, representations of sex in the media and relationship stuff. I'm also a monthly contributor for Already Pretty, which is where a lot of my body-image … [Read More...]

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Cheap and Kinky Christmas Wish List

If you’re looking to make your sex life a little kinkier, but you’re daunted by the sometime high cost of the gear, fear not! Here are some BDSM-hacks that you can add to your holiday wish list without compromising your budget! Instead of nipple clamps… Nipple clamps are used to exert pressure or pain on the nipples (obvs!) but you can use them on the scrotum, the labia or any other place you might enjoy a little pinch. Try clothes pins! Same great clamping action for a fraction of … [Read More...]

V-Logging: DIY Massage Oil

Touch. Our bodies loved to be touched. Not only does consensual touching feel great, it does great things for our physical, emotional and psychological well-being.  Unfortunately, our society doesn't encourage a whole lot of touchy feel-y outside of sex, which is ironic since non-sexual touching can create the sort of intimacy many people need to feel authentically sexual with a partner. Massage techniques are a great way to expand your tactile repertoire. It's lovely, generous way to … [Read More...]

Extra! Extra! Condoms Are Even Cooler!

Technological advancement ain't just for the fancy-pantsy computer folks. Innovation is happening in the safer sex field as well. Just check out these nifty prophylactic developments! According to it's website, the Unique Pull is the thinnest and strongest condom on the market today. It comes in a nifty little three pack that looks like a credit card, which allows you to store them safely and discreetly in your wallet. It also comes with pull tabs, so you don't have to handle the actual … [Read More...]


Lots Of Work To Do: Thoughts On Gender Identity and Prejudice

Being back in school is challenging. Academics are HARD, least for me! There's a whole-lot of learnin' to do and keeping on top of everything isn't easy. Luckily the part where I love what I'm doing makes the study load feel a little lighter. It's tough, but kind of in a good way because I feel I'm being pushed in the right direction. I'm also being stretched emotionally, which is something I didn't necessarily expect. Our professors don't just give us factual information, they make … [Read More...]

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The “Pernicious Threat” Of Pornography

An interesting article  from Daily Mail Online popped up in my Facebook's stream a while back, called Experiment That Convinced Me That Porn Is The Most Pernicious Threat Facing Children Today. The subject porn and youth, something that illicits strong opinions among caregivers and educators. The idea that porn can have negative effects for younger viewers is a common perspective. It's also one that I don't entirely disagree with, although I certainly don't think it's the worst thing to ever … [Read More...]

Happy Hallowe’en

Gals, it's great to rock a sexy costume, if that's your flavour. But if you'd rather stay modest you have options. Well, an option ;-)  Happy Hallowe'en, everyone! … [Read More...]


Boy. Girl. Dog: Taking To Kids About Gender

The other day The Bean asked if all boys have penises, which seemed like a good opportunity to start talking about difference between sex and gender. "Let's talk about biological sex," I began, "Can you say that word? Bi-o-logical?" "Biological," the Bean repeated carefully. "Awesome! Biological sex means what kind of body a person is born with. You were born with testicles and penis, so your biological sex is male. I was born with a vulva and a uterus and other parts. My biological sex … [Read More...]